• Managing your Peak Week Paolo Baja 0 comments When you’ve been working away tirelessly for three months or more towards a bodybuilding show that generally gives you less than twenty minutes of stage time, the LAST thing you want is... Read More
  • Personal Preference and IIFYM Paolo Baja 0 comments Just how flexible is "flexible dieting"? One of the joys of flexible dieting is that it allows you to incorporate your preferred diet "style" into the protocol. So if you choose to eat... Read More
  • Hot Cross Protein Bombs Paolo Baja 0 comments Servings: 16 protein bombs to serve 8 (2 per serve) Ingredients 60 grams unflavoured whey protein (or vanilla) 56 grams coconut flour 60 grams oat flour (or almond flour) 30 grams Natvia... Read More
  • Do Diets Fail People or Do People Paolo Baja 0 comments It’s often reported that 95% of dieters regain all weight lost within a few years. Scary statistics right? Are all diets doomed to fail? Is it because 95% of people are just... Read More
  • Meal Frequency and Nutrient Timing in Context Paolo Baja 0 comments How does meal frequency and nutrient timing apply to your lifestyle? Must we feed in to the seemingly endless stereotypical suggestions in the fitness industry to enjoy the results we want? Do... Read More
  • The Four Stages of Learning About Your Paolo Baja 0 comments Believe it or not, we actually have to learn how to diet. Once upon a time, the idea of eating in accordance to our goals in a healthy, moderate and flexible manner... Read More
  • Best Mobility Exercises for Office Workers Paolo Baja 0 comments One of the biggest issues for everyday office workers mobility. There are many reasons for this including lack of activity, sitting at a desk all day which leads to poor posture, kyphosis... Read More
  • Managing Self-Reporting and Measurements Paolo Baja 0 comments Whether you are working with a coach or tracking your own progress, it’s important to keep as consistent as possible. There are several ways to record your progress, and we’ve outlined a... Read More
  • How to Manage Your Nutrition Protocol Paolo Baja 0 comments How you choose to manage your nutrition protocol is completely up to you, however it should be said that your chosen approach needs to be sustainable for it to be successful. We... Read More
  • How To Avoid Burnout Paolo Baja 0 comments “Burnout” is a term used to describe a state of being whereby an individual ruins their health or becomes completely exhausted through overwork. It’s a condition that is fairly common particularly in... Read More
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