Blog | Athletic IQ - Part 4
  • The Power of Clarity Paolo Baja 0 comments Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you are trying to do something big and you get overwhelmed by the amount of work involved, and the information you have to... Read More
  • 6 Useful Tips for Staying Injury Free Paolo Baja 0 comments The risk of injury when training is always present. That is simply fact. We’re yet to come across a human being who hasn’t ever been injured if they regularly participate in exercise... Read More
  • RPE, Tempo and Rest Periods Paolo Baja 0 comments While your training program should never be too complicated for you to understand, it's very helpful to have a good understanding of the basics and needless to say, it's good to have... Read More
  • Starting with a Healthy Mindset Paolo Baja 0 comments Too often we fall into the belief that we are not good enough “as is” to be deserving of love and happiness. We convince ourselves that if we make changes which improve... Read More
  • What is Autoregulation? Paolo Baja 0 comments Autoregulation is a concept in which you allow yourself to make cognitive adjustments to your training, within your workout to fit your body’s requirements, instead of strictly adhering to a detailed and... Read More
  • Dieting for a Deadline: Do’s and Don’ts Paolo Baja 0 comments We occasionally come across specific dates which are important to us, where we want to look our best for whatever reason. Weddings, birthday parties, reunions, competitions and holidays are good examples of... Read More
  • Your Condition Does Not Prompt My Prescription Paolo Baja 0 comments We’ve all been there. At the end of a stressful week, you find yourself venting to some friends over a glass of vino about how much work it takes to get back... Read More
  • 5 Destructive Dieting Behaviours You Need to Paolo Baja 0 comments There are certain negative behaviours that can lead to problems when dieting. These behaviours often derail individuals and prevent them from seeing things through. Putting unnecessary pressure on yourself to start your... Read More
  • How Long should a Comp Prep Diet Paolo Baja 0 comments If you’re looking to compete in a bodybuilding or physique show, it pays to plan ahead and factor in the appropriate amount of time for your diet. There are several ways to... Read More
  • How to Optimise Your Post Comp Journey Paolo Baja 0 comments The stage is empty. The curtains have come down, the bright lights are off, and the audience has gone home. All you’ve got now are the remnants of your spray tan and... Read More
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