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  • Do The Math Before You Diet Paolo Baja 0 comments If you’re thinking about dieting, it pays to do some calculations beforehand to ensure you start your diet from a decent caloric platform. Most dieters tend to overlook the simple maths behind... Read More
  • Simplifying Your Approach To Comp Prep Paolo Baja 0 comments Your diet protocol for contest prep doesn't have to be complicated to be effective. In fact, we will go to the extent of saying you can achieve optimal stage conditioning by simplifying... Read More
  • IIFYM Origins and Context Paolo Baja 0 comments As flexible dieters, should we try to fit every bit of junk food into our macro targets? Probably not. The truth is, we need to apply common sense into the way we... Read More
  • Can We Burn Fat and Build Muscle Paolo Baja 0 comments Is it possible to burn fat and build muscle at the same time? Yes it is, but it’s unlikely. There are a handful of circumstances where this is possible. Untrained individuals Obese... Read More
  • Do You Label Your Diet? Paolo Baja 0 comments Just because you happen to eat nutritionally sound "whole food" based meals, it doesn't mean you're "CLEAN EATING". Just because you eat specific foods while avoiding others to cater for a specific... Read More
  • Is Gluten the Devil? Paolo Baja 0 comments Before you jump on the gluten free fad, make sure you understand what you’re trying to avoid and why you’re avoiding it. What is Gluten? Gluten is a mixture of two proteins... Read More
  • Healthy Scepticism: The difference between Proof and Paolo Baja 0 comments The health and fitness industry is largely unregulated. So, it should come as no surprise that some of the information which is widely available to the public, is at best, highly questionable... Read More
  • Maximising Metabolic Performance Paolo Baja 0 comments As a living organism, one of the body’s main functions is to regulate itself. Temperature, blood pressure and bodyweight are two perfect examples of this. The process of maintenance is called homeostasis.... Read More
  • How to Set Your Macronutrient Ratio Paolo Baja 0 comments Is there an optimal way to set your daily macronutrient requirement targets? Well, ultimately it depends on your goal and your lifestyle but there are some basic guidelines that you can go... Read More
  • Bro Dieting vs Flexible Dieting for Bodybuilding Paolo Baja 0 comments It's hard to believe that people still argue about traditional bodybuilding diets and IIFYM. If you put both diets under a microscope and put everything into context, you would see that both... Read More
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