• The Athletic Development Pyramid Paolo Baja 0 comments We often get asked questions about how much focus individuals should put into adherence towards their training and nutrition. Like anything, the answer is often, "It depends". The best way to answer... Read More
  • Why You Should Prep With Us Paolo Baja 0 comments Are you a first time competitor looking to start off the right way? Perhaps you've competed a few times, but you've somehow missed the mark on previous comps and you're looking for... Read More
  • Peaking Correctly for Your Category Paolo Baja 0 comments Each category in the sport of bodybuilding has different criteria. Although you are judged on muscularity, vascularity, symmetry, conditioning and posing, the overall “look” required per category is different. Generally speaking, the... Read More
  • 6 Tips for Post Comp Recovery Paolo Baja 0 comments If you've recently competed on a bodybuilding show and you find yourself feeling out of control, embarrassed and thinking or saying something along the lines of... "I can't control my eating. I... Read More
  • How I Get The Most From My Paolo Baja 0 comments One of the most common questions I get asked as a physique coach, by aspiring bodybuilding competitors and sometimes other coaches, is “What do you differently to get your clients in the... Read More
  • Finding a Smarter Way to Comp Prep Paolo Baja 0 comments Most aspiring athletes and first time competitors look towards a competition date with little regard for their current caloric intake and overall health. They simply look for a coach to take them on,... Read More
  • How Long should a Comp Prep Diet Paolo Baja 0 comments If you’re looking to compete in a bodybuilding or physique show, it pays to plan ahead and factor in the appropriate amount of time for your diet. There are several ways to... Read More
  • How to Optimise Your Post Comp Journey Paolo Baja 0 comments The stage is empty. The curtains have come down, the bright lights are off, and the audience has gone home. All you’ve got now are the remnants of your spray tan and... Read More
  • Simplifying Your Approach To Comp Prep Paolo Baja 0 comments Your diet protocol for contest prep doesn't have to be complicated to be effective. In fact, we will go to the extent of saying you can achieve optimal stage conditioning by simplifying... Read More
  • Bro Dieting vs Flexible Dieting for Bodybuilding Paolo Baja 0 comments It's hard to believe that people still argue about traditional bodybuilding diets and IIFYM. If you put both diets under a microscope and put everything into context, you would see that both... Read More
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