• Getting Your Balance Back Paolo Baja 0 comments If you’re struggling to get into a balanced routine, and you want to start living an active, healthy, empowered and engaged lifestyle, then this information is for you. It doesn’t take much... Read More
  • 10 Steps to Doing It Right in Paolo Baja 0 comments Step 1: Clarity Get clarity. This whole journey begins and ends with being in the right mindset. You have to learn to let go of a “created mindset” and all its contributing... Read More
  • Is Flexible Dieting a Diet? Paolo Baja 0 comments Over the years, there has been much debate about whether “Flexible Dieting” or “IIFYM” is a diet. Some people claiming that it isn’t because it’s flexible enough to fit preferred foods into... Read More
  • Holiday Season Tips Paolo Baja 0 comments As the "Silly Season" fast approaches us, most people will experience an increase in social events, coupled with a busy work schedule which generally means we consume extra calories and experience a... Read More
  • Top Tips for Better Dietary Adherence Paolo Baja 0 comments If you survey the bulk of people about previous diets, you’ll find that the most common issue they struggle with is dietary adherence. At some point, everyone who diets has a problem... Read More
  • Damage Control: Dealing with the Guilt of Paolo Baja 0 comments Did you get a little too "loose" over the weekend? If you happened to overindulge, rest assured it's not the end of the world. Instead of messing up your entire week due... Read More
  • Minding Your State of Mind Paolo Baja 0 comments It's easy to slip into a negative mindset particularly when your head is buried in day to day tasks. You start out motivated but soon enough, after hitting a few bumps, you... Read More
  • Stop Searching for Perfection Melissa Crowther 0 comments How many times have you started your new workout regime on Monday, and by Wednesday you’ve already decided it’s been a bad week? You’ve been busy, things didn’t go as planned and... Read More
  • Dealing With Weight Fluctuations Paolo Baja 2 comments Focusing too much on scale weight is pointless and counterproductive to the overall outcome of improving body composition. Body weight is a poor indicator of body fat percentage in active people. Fluctuations... Read More
  • The Power of Clarity Paolo Baja 0 comments Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you are trying to do something big and you get overwhelmed by the amount of work involved, and the information you have to... Read More
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