• Clean Eating – The Dirty Truth Paolo Baja 0 comments Finally, an actual evidence based non biased documentary on nutrition. This, ladies and gentlemen, is what a unicorn looks like. If there is one health focused documentary you should watch, make sure... Read More
  • Never Go Full Potato Paolo Baja 0 comments Are fries bad for you? We often hear people say that they avoid potato fries or chips when dieting because they are "unhealthy". So what macronutrients do fries contain that make them... Read More
  • Quit Worrying About Insulin Paolo Baja 0 comments If your nutrition plan is built around being focused on the body’s insulin response to carbohydrates, you might want to rethink your strategy. It’s been suggested in the past that we should... Read More
  • Is Flexible Dieting A Myth? Paolo Baja 0 comments Supposedly, there's a specific diet out there that allows you to lose weight without restriction. So technically, you can still eat cookies and food you actually enjoy while getting results "as long... Read More
  • The Sweet Facts Behind Sugar Paolo Baja 0 comments Sugar is often used as a scapegoat for society’s decline in health. While there is validity in arguing that society has a problem with an over availability of highly processed high calorie... Read More
  • Non-linear Dieting and Energy Balance Paolo Baja 0 comments Non-linear dieting lately has become all the rage with the use of carb cycling, refeeds, diet breaks and calorie cycling being very popular in current dietary trends. Given their popularity, it's obvious... Read More
  • IIFYM Origins and Context Paolo Baja 0 comments As flexible dieters, should we try to fit every bit of junk food into our macro targets? Probably not. The truth is, we need to apply common sense into the way we... Read More
  • Is Gluten the Devil? Paolo Baja 0 comments Before you jump on the gluten free fad, make sure you understand what you’re trying to avoid and why you’re avoiding it. What is Gluten? Gluten is a mixture of two proteins... Read More
  • Healthy Scepticism: The difference between Proof and Paolo Baja 0 comments The health and fitness industry is largely unregulated. So, it should come as no surprise that some of the information which is widely available to the public, is at best, highly questionable... Read More
  • How to Set Your Macronutrient Ratio Paolo Baja 0 comments Is there an optimal way to set your daily macronutrient requirement targets? Well, ultimately it depends on your goal and your lifestyle but there are some basic guidelines that you can go... Read More
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