• Is Flexible Dieting a Diet? Paolo Baja 0 comments Over the years, there has been much debate about whether “Flexible Dieting” or “IIFYM” is a diet. Some people claiming that it isn’t because it’s flexible enough to fit preferred foods into... Read More
  • How to Set Your Macronutrient Ratio Paolo Baja 0 comments Is there an optimal way to set your daily macronutrient requirement targets? Well, ultimately it depends on your goal and your lifestyle but there are some basic guidelines that you can go... Read More
  • How Flexible Is Your Flexible Diet? Paolo Baja 1 comments Let’s make the assumption that you’ve started tracking your macros and you always plan ahead to hit your daily targets. You even include a variety of different foods into your diet these... Read More
  • Personal Preference and IIFYM Paolo Baja 0 comments Just how flexible is "flexible dieting"? One of the joys of flexible dieting is that it allows you to incorporate your preferred diet "style" into the protocol. So if you choose to eat... Read More
  • Managing Self-Reporting and Measurements Paolo Baja 0 comments Whether you are working with a coach or tracking your own progress, it’s important to keep as consistent as possible. There are several ways to record your progress, and we’ve outlined a... Read More
  • The Importance of Dietary Fibre Part 2 Paolo Baja 0 comments Calculating Appropriate Fibre Consumption How do we calculate our daily fibre requirement? The amount of fibre you require has a direct relationship to the total amount of calories you consume. On average,... Read More
  • The Importance Of Dietary Fibre Part 1 Paolo Baja 0 comments One aspect of flexible dieting that is often overlooked by those critical to the approach is the importance placed by flexible dieters on hitting their daily requirement of dietary fibre. What is... Read More
  • How Common Sense and Context Can Help Paolo Baja 0 comments What is missing from the following statements? NEVER eat processed food, grains, sugar or gluten. AVOID eating carbs at night. Eat ONLY “clean” food. You can eat “whatever you like” when you... Read More
  • Does Flexible Dieting Work? Paolo Baja 0 comments People often ask us if IIFYM comes with specific guidelines. The short answer is yes. To ensure that you succeed and sustain your results, you must be sensible in your approach. Flexible... Read More
  • IIFYM Guidelines Paolo Baja 1 comments We often get asked if people should follow specific guidelines when following flexible dieting. Here are a few that might help put the approach into context for people. Prioritize hitting your protein... Read More
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