• Taking a Closer Look at Cardio Paolo Baja 0 comments If we were speaking in absolutes, and you had to choose one over the other, I would recommend prioritising lifting weights over cardio for a variety of reasons. If you’re an absolute... Read More
  • When is the best time to train? Paolo Baja 0 comments There are many varying opinions around whether you should train in the morning, noon or night. Many long winded overcomplicated answers which cover different contributing factors like quality of sleep, nutrient timing,... Read More
  • 6 Useful Tips for Staying Injury Free Paolo Baja 0 comments The risk of injury when training is always present. That is simply fact. We’re yet to come across a human being who hasn’t ever been injured if they regularly participate in exercise... Read More
  • RPE, Tempo and Rest Periods Paolo Baja 0 comments While your training program should never be too complicated for you to understand, it's very helpful to have a good understanding of the basics and needless to say, it's good to have... Read More
  • What is Autoregulation? Paolo Baja 0 comments Autoregulation is a concept in which you allow yourself to make cognitive adjustments to your training, within your workout to fit your body’s requirements, instead of strictly adhering to a detailed and... Read More
  • Blood Flow Restriction Training Paolo Baja 0 comments What is Blood Flow Restriction Training? Blood Flow Restriction training, or BFR training involves restricting the venous return of blood flow from the muscle. The goal of occlusion is not to restrict... Read More
  • Does Muscle Soreness Equal Progress? Paolo Baja 0 comments Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness, otherwise knows as D.O.M.S. is the pain and stiffness felt in muscles several hours to days after unaccustomed or strenuous exercise. The soreness is felt most strongly 24... Read More
  • Best Mobility Exercises for Office Workers Paolo Baja 0 comments One of the biggest issues for everyday office workers mobility. There are many reasons for this including lack of activity, sitting at a desk all day which leads to poor posture, kyphosis... Read More
  • Managing Self-Reporting and Measurements Paolo Baja 0 comments Whether you are working with a coach or tracking your own progress, it’s important to keep as consistent as possible. There are several ways to record your progress, and we’ve outlined a... Read More
  • Spot Reduction is a Myth Paolo Baja 0 comments Spot reduction refers to the false notion that a specific area of the body can be targeted for fat reduction through the exercise of specific muscles in the desired area. For example,... Read More
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