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Are you a first time competitor looking to start off the right way?

Perhaps you’ve competed a few times, but you’ve somehow missed the mark on previous comps and you’re looking for a better way?

If you’ve attempted a comp prep in the past, you’ve probably tried following the same old “chicken and broccoli” meal plans and extreme workout plans and failed to stick to it. We don’t blame you.

It’s not your fault.

The idea of “hardcore dieting” has been around for a while in the bodybuilding scene. Chicken, broccoli, fish, and asparagus have been a staple in meal plans for the longest time. While there are valid reasons for eating “plain” (namely because it’s easier to track macronutrients and calories), it’s important to know that these foods don’t have any magical properties and that you’re NOT LIMITED to eating only these particular foods.

In fact, you will have a better chance at bettering your results if you incorporate a little flexibility into your plan.

But we’ve focused on changing all that industry BS.

Imagine what your comp prep journey would be like once you’re crystal clear on how you should approach your training and diet each day. Imagine knowing how to adjust your diet so you can have flexibility while preparing for your competition.

Who Are We?

We are Team AIQ and it’s our mission as a collective group to provide bodybuilding, figure, fitness, physique, and model competitors with an optimal, ethical and effective approach to competition preparation.

Our proven and personalised methods for coaching ensures a focused mindset for you, and you can rest assured that there is no guesswork involved in your journey.

As a client, you’re only concern is to concentrate on keeping up with the requirements of your program instead of worrying about your training, nutrition, or preparation. We set an industry standard and draw positive attention towards safe and effective coaching.

So How Does This Work?

First, we get crystal clear on your goals and sort through your priorities. You will lock in your target with precise focus. We do that via a one on one consult with our Head Coach either over the phone or face to face.

During the call, we assess your current situation and determine your strategy. You will solidify your foundation and realise your potential. You will then get a list of tasks to follow up. We highlight improvement areas and turn issues into mini projects. You will become a master a manuvering past hurdles and taking action.

We have a fantastic easy to use training and tracking app, and each week you will be in contact with your coach via phone, face to face or through our private Facebook Group. You will also complete a weekly check in form via our exclusive members website.

You will have direct access to your coach through a variety of different contact points. Phone, Face to Face (where possible), Facebook Live Coaching Calls in our Private Facebook Group, or via our exclusive Online Focus Groups, where we meet each week with other Athletes and support members to ensure that we all stay on the same page.

We also offer Meal Planning Assistance, so you can incorporate your own food preferences while planning to hit your macronutrient and caloric targets.


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