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If you’re struggling to get into a balanced routine, and you want to start living an active, healthy, empowered and engaged lifestyle, then this information is for you.
It doesn’t take much to make the jump.
You don’t have to start tracking macros…
You don’t have to train like a powerlifter or bodybuilder…
You don’t even need a gym membership.

All you need is the desire, commitment, faith and perseverance.

If you want to make a lifelong change to living a healthy lifestyle, you must start with a healthy mindset.
Get clear and honest with yourself.
Get in touch with your intuition.
You don’t need an expert to tell you whether you’re doing the right thing or the wrong thing by your own standards. You know your own limits and you should know yourself more than anyone else.
Ask yourself some straightforward questions…
Are you drinking too much?
Are you eating too much?
Do you move enough?
Are you empowered in your day to day life, or are you a victim?
If you flag anything that needs to be improved there… don’t just think it, ink it.
Then start making changes one day at a time.

What’s next?

Do the basics right.
Don’t major in minor things… do not overcomplicate.
Eat balanced meals. You don’t need a PHD to figure out what this means.
Balanced meals are meals that have a variety of different food groups on your plate.
• Protein: Meats, Poultry, Fish, Eggs, Legumes, etc.
• Complex (Fibrous) Carbohydrates: Greens, Broccoli, Spinach, Beans, Leaves, Colourful vegetables, fruits and berries.
• Simple Carbohydrates: Rice, grains, fruits, and the fun stuff. Lollies, chocolates, ice cream, etc.
• Fats: Nuts, oils, butter, animal fats, dairy etc.
80% wholefoods, and 20% other.

Remember, do not overcomplicate… Don’t listen to the noise.
Don’t worry about if you should consume dairy or not, whether you need to consume grains or not, whether you need to eat raw or not.
Focus on what you can include into your diet based on what you enjoy, rather than focusing on what you can’t include. Obviously, if you have intolerance issues or if you’re allergic to something, don’t keep eating it (can’t believe we had to even explain that).

From there, all you need to do is head in the right direction based on your goals. Keep the right energy balance.
Want to gain MUSCLE? Consume more energy than you burn.
Want to lose FAT? Burn more energy than you consume.

The final three tips are behaviourally focused so it goes back to having the right mindset…
Do not engage in self-loathing or self-destructive behaviours. This includes continuing to do things that might create issues for you throughout your journey.
For example, is drinking too much alcohol stopping you from going to the gym, or being more engaged in physical activity? Does it end in regret? If so, it might be time for you to stop or slow down at least. Same thing can be said about smoking.
Develop common sense and critical thinking.
This might be the single most important contributor to your ongoing success.
Don’t just blindly follow everything. Take the blinkers off and use your brain.
Learn how to understand the importance of context.
Learn how to make adjustments on the fly.

Finally, get in touch with your intuitition and body signals.
Eat when hungry, stop when full.
Move lots and lift stuff.
Rest when tired.

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