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Are fries bad for you?

We often hear people say that they avoid potato fries or chips when dieting because they are “unhealthy”.

So what macronutrients do fries contain that make them so bad? Let’s take a closer look.

We’ve gone through the trouble of choosing the brand of fries that is most often condemned by the majority of society. Mcdonald’s fries.
As you can see their medium serve of fries contains 4g Protein, 44g Carbs, 16g Fats and 4g Fibre totalling approximately 340 calories.

By all accounts, there is nothing inherently unhealthy about a serving of chips and certainly not even enough calories to warrant alarmism.
Chips are not the enemy.

In moderation, they will not adversely affect your overall health or diet. Like any other type of food, they’re not good or bad. They don’t have a hidden agenda to hurt people. They’re just fried potatoes.

You know what’s “unhealthier” than chips?
Misinformation and food anxiety.

Never go full potato.

Relax. Get a better understanding of basic nutrition and develop critical thinking instead of listening to unnecessary fear mongering from alarmists.

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